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Automatic registration has been turned off due to being overrun by spambots. If you would like to register here, please send me an email to the address posted in Include your NAME, AMATEUR RADIO CALL SIGN, and password of choice. Your amateur radio call sign is your user name. If you do not have an amateur radio call sign but still wish to register, please indicate so in your email.

K7EK's DX Cluster Node

I run a 24/7/365 DX spotting node, otherwise known as a DX Cluster Node. It is running CC Cluster Software by well known DX'er Lee, VE7CC. This system is sponsored by my club station W7JD, The South Sound Digital Interest Group. You can access it via telnet. Everyone is welcome:

W7JD-1:, PORT 9000 -OR- K7EK-1:, PORT 9000

A complete list of user commands is available here: CC Cluster Commands

CC USER is the mating user application to access these DX nodes. Please get it from Download the full installation file which is located toward the bottom of the page. Please be aware that any telnet client, including those built into your logging program etc, may be used to access my DX nodes. Use the one that suits your particular taste.

Also, as with any DX node, there will occasionally be disconnects for various reasons that are usually beyond my control. That being the case, please simply reconnect. If your telnet client has features such as "keep-alive" and/or "auto-reconnect", please turn them on.

Please give my DX node a try, and tell a friend. I would appreciate it if you would set my DX node as your "home node": SET/HOME W7JD-1. Thanks!

10m SSTV Beacon & Repeater

I often operate a analog SSTV Beacon & Repeater on 28.680 mhz, USB. If you are within ground wave distance or the band is open, transmit a 2 second tone of 1633 hz. My station will respond with a CWID. That indicates the system is waiting for your SSTV transmission, which will be played back in the same SSTV mode. There are several others on the same frequency as well, OZ9STV, 1500 hz, WB9KMW, 1750 hz, N3YHW, 750 hz, and VE1DBM, 2300 hz.

Upon successful receipt of a 1633 hz tone, any signals heard by my system will be replayed and also posted to my analog SSTV web page (full site). Any pictures received without a 1633 hz tone preceding will simply be posted to the web page (not retransmitted). Make sure to send 1633 hz for at least 2 seconds and wait for the CWID reply. Thanks to Larry, WB9KMW, for hosting my SSTV web presence.

NOTE: If you do not get a response, I may be using my rig elsewhere. In that case, please try again later.


If you would like to learn more about Slow Scan TV (SSTV), please visit the outstanding site of Larry, WB9KMW. Look for his detailed and concise tutorials which are toward the bottom of the page.

NOTE: When nothing is happening on 10 meters, I may from time to time move to other bands, as indicated by the status indicator above the picture.

HP Proliant server died

The HP Proliant server which ran at my home for several years has died. The best possibility of restoring a web presence was my VPS, which also supports QuadNet, the experimental DSTAR IRC Network. Please bear with me as I slowly begin to add content. It will be a slow job being undertaken in my spare time.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

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